Homework Assignments for 9th Grade - Snow Day Assignments


2/13 New Post for Weekend work.

Below is a list of the next 15 vocabulary words. Please make vocabulary flash cards for each word. If you do not have index cards, you can buy some in the next four days (you need to have a supply of them on hand) OR you can cut pieces of lined paper to match the size of an index card.

As with the work below, these cards will be collected on

  1. adjudicate (verb) to hear and decide judicially; to judge

  1. centennial (noun) a one-hundredth anniversary or its celebration

  1. countenance (noun) a person's face; the expression on a person's face ("My mother's countenance could not unfrown itself" from "My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke)

  1. disgruntle (verb) to make dissatisfied; to put in a bad mood

  1. equilibrium (noun) a state of balance

  1. expedite (verb) to speed up a process; to facilitate

  1. gird (verb) to encircle, bind, or surround

  1. gratuitous (adjective) not called for; unnecessary

  1. illusory (adjective) unreal or imagined; deceiving

  1. implacable (adjective) incapable of being soothed, comforted, placated, or significantly changed; relentless

  1. luminary (noun) a source of light, especially from the sky; a person who is a well known for her or his achievements; a celebrity

  1. manifesto (noun) a public statement explaining the intentions, motives, or views of an individual or group

  1. mesmerize (verb) to fascinate or hypnotize

  1. precedent (noun) an act of statement that may serve as an example or justification for a later one

  1. spurious (adjective) not genuine; false

ONE: Test on "12 Angry Men"

Please view the blog for English 9, which is at . There you will find the study guide for the upcoming test on "12 Angry Men." The test will include a section of questions taken directly from the study guide.

Approximately 20 students did not receive the study guide, either in person/in class on Friday or from me via email. PLEASE make sure you review this guide. PLEASE alert your friends to this resource.

TWO: "Then and now"

No matter what your age, you have experienced and witnessed many changes—some in your own life (changing interests, relationships, residences) and others in the world around you (changes in fashion, commerce, community, and technology). You have moved; you have transferred from one school to another; your family has experienced transitions; a friend has changed; perhaps your neighborhood has changed. Think about the people, places, and things that have changed in your life. Now, please make a list of at least a dozen possible "then and now" moments in your life. Because you will be handing this in, you should take care with all facets of presentation: handwriting, condition of paper, grammar, spelling. I will collect this on the day we return to school.

THREE: Missed the vocabulary quiz #9 on Friday?

Thirty-five students missed the vocabulary quiz on Friday. Please be prepared to take the quiz when we return (in class) and to submit the homework that was due on Friday ("Clown College" passage and questions relating to the vocabulary).

History: THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two page paper
paragraph 1: What role did the Scientific Revolution play in the 15th and 16th Century?
paragraph 2: How did the Scientific Revolution affect society and church during the 15th and 16th century?
paragraph 3 and 4: What was the most significant discovery during the Scientific Revolution in the 15th and 16th Century? Why?
paragraph 5: How has science, and discoveries in science had an effect on society in the 21st Century?
paragraph 6: What is the most significant discovery in science during your lifetime? (Your opinion).

Addition: Please have at least two sources for both paragraph five and six. If you are handwriting the paper, that is fine, but make the proper indentations for each paragraph. Please follow MLA format. Double Spaced, name in the upper right corner, and title centered. Please feel free to email me anytime.

Enrichment points:
  • Find a current event in a newspaper, magazine, book, etc...Cut the article out, and summarize the article in at least one paragraph.

Enjoy the snow! See you soon.

Mr. Reed

Conceptual Physics
Farlow: Finish your snow assignment on atoms DUE the first day back:

Read chapter 17
Answer problems 1-10 at the end of chapter 17.

Algebra I:

GOLES: From the algebra snow work document below, do the following: Complete 5.1 (1a-1d), 5.2(All of #3, 4b, 4e), 5.3 (1a, 1c, 2a, 2c, 3e, 3k), 5.5 All

Raskin: Worksheet (available in hard copy only)

Algebra II: Practice Quiz

Complete the Trigonometry Practice Quiz that was assigned last week.
When confident you know the material, complete the Chapter 8 Quiz below. You may use a calculator and your notes.

Honors Geometry
Do Task 1 on this handout.

French I
Study for your Unit 3 test, which we will have the first day back to school.
Review: -ER verbs, irregular verbs (être, avoir, faire), and question words.

French II
Study for your Unit 4 test, which we will have the first day back to school.
Review: vocabulary, object pronouns, sentence transformations.

Nelaton: ALL assignments listed below are due next Tuesday.

In the hardcover textbook, do exercises 1, 2, 3, 4 pages 248 - 249

Honors French II: ALL assignments listed below are due next Tuesday.

1) In the hardcover textbook, do exercises 1, 2, 3, 4 pages 248 - 249
2) Open the "Verbes Francais 2 honneurs doc" and complete the chart
external image msword.png Verbes Francais 2 Honneurs.doc
3) Choisissez cinq (5) verbes de la liste et faites des (belles!) phrases avec les verbes.

French III:


Honors French III ALL assignments listed below are due next Tuesday.

1) Open "French 3 Honors Doc" above.
2) Regarder l'image et decidez pourquoi cette famille est ensemble? evenements? celebration? Inventer une histoire au contexte de cette image.
3) Choisissez deux personnages et inventer un dialogue entre ces personnages

4) Ouvrez le document "Verbes Francais 3 Honneurs" et completez l'exercise

external image msword.png **Verbes Francais 3 Honneurs.doc**
5) Apres avoir completer l'exercice, choisissez cinq (5) verbes de la liste et faites des (belles!) phrases avec les verbes.

Where are my scripts for Wednesday/Thursday's HW? strange!

Chinese II Feb 19 HW

group a: rewrite the family life passage

group b: - write down the numbers 1-20 and multiples of 3 up to 200
- write down the pinyin for:
¥250 ¥55 ¥105 ¥25.50 ¥99.99

Chinese II Feb 16, Tuesday HW

Group a: write about what you have done during the snow break

Group b: finish lesson 8 on the worksheet (assigned during the snow break)

Chinese II updates

group a:
on Additional lessons, lesson 4 - study new vocab which you don't know, and then copy and translate exercise 3.2 on page 10 and translate the text on page 9 as well. (note: yinwei = because, suoyi = so); prepare the quiz on lesson 10-11

Group b: on main textbook,
- finish lesson 7 hw on worksheet (purple book); online lesson 7; prepare the quiz on lesson1-6;
- finish lesson 8 hw on worksheet

Latin I:
1. You should have completed the following two homework assignments, due Friday and Monday.

2. Write out the chart of the 1st and 2nd declension endings. Your chart should include four columns: for case, reason, singular ending and plural ending.
3. Write three sentence in English using the word "snow." In the first "snow" should be in the nominative; in the second, "snow" should be in the accusative; and in the third, "snow" should be in the ablative.
4. Go to, click on "exams" and then "previous exams." Print out the 2004 Introduction to Latin exam and complete, keeping a list of the questions that confuse you.
5. Go to this website: on the left side of the page, click on any of the chapters between 1 and 6. Spend 20 minutes playing the games or doing the exercises and make a note of which ones you find most helpful or interesting.

Latin II:
1. If you missed Friday's quiz on Ch. 12 vocab, the 3rd declension, and the first 13 lines of p. 74, be prepared to take it whenever we next have school.
2. If you took the quiz, make sure you've finished the translation worksheet for p. 74
3. EVERYONE - go to Make a list of the 12 Olympian Gods (with both Greek and Latin names) and write down 2 facts about each god.
4. EVERYONE - go to, click on "exams" and then "previous exams" and print out the 2006 Latin I exam. Complete it and keep a list of the questions that confuse you.
5. translate the sentence on this worksheet

Honors Latin II:
All of this work is due on Tuesday, February 12. See the last item, which is an addition.
1. Write out all of "Infelix Dido" on pp. 74-75.
2. Be sure to know all the vocabulary on p. 74, especially the new adjectives and adverbs.
3. Read pp. 83-85, "The Twelve Olympians," and make a chart for yourself that organizes this material. This material will be basic for some of you and not so for others. Record what you need.
4. Attached is the link to the National Latin Exam. Go to Previous Exams, print the 2003 exam for Latin I, and complete the exam.National Latin Exam
5. We have often talked about "being present" when you are working on something. In two paragraphs, preferably typed, reflect on whether and in what way you have been "present" during these snow days. Have you drifted? been intentional? How have you used your free time? Remember that I am also an English teacher. Use spell check!

Latin III:

Latin III website

Honors Latin III:

Latin III website

Introduction to Art

Advanced Music Theory

Write all 32 measures for composition project

For Project Descriptions: